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Last updated 20 May 2023
Chris Green - Field 1Open
Chris Green - Field 2Open
Chris Green - Field 3Open
Chris Green - Field 4Open
Chris Green - Field 5Open
Chris Green - Field 6Open
Cornubia - Field 1Open
Cornubia - Field 2Open
Cornubia - Field 3Open
Cornubia - Field 4Open
Cornubia - Field 5Open
Cornubia - Field 6Open

Season 2023

Season 2023

Event Dates

StartMonday 15 August 2022

FinishSaturday 30 September 2023

Registration Dates

OpenTuesday 9 August 2022

CloseSaturday 30 September 2023

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    • MiniRoos
    • 100 MiniRoos Kick-Off Under 3 - Under 5 (One Term)
    • 435 Miniroos Under 6 - Under 8
    • 605 Miniroos Under 9 - Under 12
    • FQ Academy U9 - U12
    • 1,900 FQ Academy League A U9 - U12
    • 1,650 FQ Academy League B U9 - U12
    • 950 FQ Academy League C U9 - U12
    • 1,450 FQ Academy League A Girls U11
    • 1,450 FQ Academy League A Girls U12
    • FQ Metro Junior Divisional
    • 690 Junior Divisional Under 13 - Under 16
    • 690 Junior Divisional Under 18
    • FQ Academy U13 - U18
    • 1,650 FQ Academy League B U13 - U18
    • 1,450 FQ Academy League B Girls U13
    • 2,400 FQ Academy League A U13
    • 3,100 FQ Academy League A U14 - U18
    • 1,950 FQ Academy League A Girls U13
    • 2,800 FQ Academy League A Girls U15 - U17
    • 950 FQ Academy League C U13
    • FQ Metro League
    • 540 Metro League Men
    • 540 Metro League Women
    • Masters
    • 410 Over 35s
    • 410 Over 45s
    • FQPL1
    • 3,100 FQPL1 U23 Mens
    • 0 FQPL1 Senior Mens
    • 2,800 FQPLW1 U23 Womens
    • 0 FQPLW1 Senior Womens

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, BPay, Cash, Eftpos

Logan Lightning FC would like to thank Yatala Drive-In for their sponsorship.
Yatala Drive-In
You can enjoy the next blockbuster on the big screen at the retro themed, but state of the art Yatala Drive-In.

A local family owned business with 3 generations experience in the entertainment industry, the Five Star Cinemas company includes:
- Yatala Drive-In
- New Farm Cinemas, New Farm
- The Elizabeth Picture Theatre, Brisbane City
- Red Hill Cinemas, Red Hill
- Regal Twin Cinema, Graceville
Phone (07) 3287 2930

Terms and conditions

  • FQ Academy Teams and FQPL1
    Registrants on Elite pathways acknowledge that the minimum initial payment must be paid in full by the 30th November 2022 to secure the offer made by Logan Lightning FC for the 2023 season.

    All minimum initial payments for Elite Team are non-refundable and due as below;
    All Deposits must be paid by Friday 15th November 2022 to complete the retention process and to ensure Uniforms are ordered.

    Elite team your 2nd fee instalment is due by the 20th December 2022 and all fees need to be paid in their entirety by 3rd February 2023 so that you are financial to participate in the competition.

    Minimum initial payments cannot be made on a payment plan.
    Payment plans for the balance of monies payable must be completed by 28th February 2023 for Elite Teams.

    Registrants for Community registration acknowledge that the minimum deposit must be paid at registration and the balance is due on the 31st March 2023.
    For Registrants on an approved Payment plans for the balance of monies owed for Community Teams, fees must be completed by 28th April 2023.

    By submitting this registration, the applicant hereby agrees and acknowledges that they have read, understand, and will comply with the Logan lightning FC Code of Conduct, Refund Policy and all other applicable Terms and Conditions.