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Last updated 25 Oct 2022
Chris Green - Field 1Open
Chris Green - Field 2Open
Chris Green - Field 3Open
Chris Green - Field 4Open
Chris Green - Field 5Open
Chris Green - Field 6Open
Cornubia - Field 1Closed
Cornubia - Field 2Closed
Cornubia - Field 3Closed
Cornubia - Field 4Closed
Cornubia - Field 5Closed
Cornubia - Field 6Closed


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Welcome to Logan Lightning FC. 

We pride ourselves as one of the largest, best rated and community focused sports clubs in Queensland. Our vision is to develop our players, coaches and referees to the highest standards possible and promote growth of football within Logan City.

Season 2023 Registration

Registration open for player in Academy1, 2 & 4.

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Logan Lightning FC Inc Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 29th November 2022. We encourage as many members as possible to attend the AGM. This is a very important meeting, and it is your opportunity to hear about the achievements of the previous season and seek information about the direction for the forthcoming year.

All members are encouraged to attend the AGM.

Details of the AGM are as follows:

Date:                           Tuesday 29th November 2022

Time:                           6:30 PM

Place:                          Cornubia Park, 146 Bryants Road Shailer Park

At this time the Management Committee will step down and a new committee for the 2023 season shall be elected. 

Nomination of 2023 Management Committee

The executive positions of President, Vice-President (Seniors), Vice-President (Juniors), Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar and a maximum of 25 general committee members will be elected at the AGM. We are now seeking nominations for these positions and encourage all members to consider nominating for one of these important roles within Logan Lightning FC.

If you wish to nominate for a position on the 2023 Management Committee, please complete and sign the attached Management Committee Nomination Form and return the same to the Secretary of Logan Lightning FC by no later than 22nd November 2022.

Special Business

Any member wishing to raise any special business items at the AGM may do so by submitting a Notice of Motion to the Secretary of Logan Lightning FC by no later than 22nd November 2022.

Voting Rights

Please note, only one member per β€˜Family Membership’ is entitled to voting rights and you must be a financial member of Logan Lightning FC.

Rebecca Stevens

Secretary 2022

Please click the following links to view important documents relating to the forthcoming AGM.

If you have any questions about the AGM, please contact email:


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Team Officials Season 2023

Sign-on for Team Officials Season 2023.   Play Football will open in January 2023


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Support Gear is available for purchased from our Cornubia Park Uniform Shop on Game days or order using our online shop.

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Meet our Models πŸ˜€ πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Senior FQPL Women's Players
⚑️Jorja Welch #5, Aline Troyano De Abreu #8 & Jazlyn Moya-Santos #9
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