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Last updated 3 Jun 2024
Chris Green - Field 1Open
Chris Green - Field 2Open
Chris Green - Field 3Open
Chris Green - Field 4Open
Chris Green - Field 5Open
Chris Green - Field 6Open
Cornubia - Field 1Open
Cornubia - Field 2Open
Cornubia - Field 3Open
Cornubia - Field 4Open
Cornubia - Field 5Open
Cornubia - Field 6Open


Season 2024

Most of our teams are now full. If you'd like to join Logan Lighting FC during the 2024 Season, please contact one of the below people to confirm is space is available.

U6-U12 Miniroos 

Dolly Yap

Miniroos Coordinator

U13-U18 Junior Metro League

Michael Haley

Junior Vice President

Adult Metro League and Over 35's

Val Radicke

Senior Vice President

All academy teams have already been selected for the 2024 Season. For any enquiries please contact Nick Croyden, Football Manager,


Welcome to Logan Lightning FC (LLFC) for Season 2024.

All Players, Coaches, Managers and Volunteers must be registered in both Squadi & through the club website to be eligible to participate this Season at LLFC.  Registration through PlayFootball is no longer required.

The total registration fees for 2024 include the Affiliation Fee payable through Squadi and the Club Registration Fee payable through the club website.

STAGE 1: Sign on through Squadi (Football Queensland/ Football Australia Level Registration)

All players, Coaches, Managers, Referees & Volunteers (excluding Squirts) are required to register though Squadi. Over 30 Women & Over 35 Men Registrations in Squadi are not yet available, please skip to Stage 2.

All players for Miniroos, Metro Junior & Seniors, Academy and O30/35’s will need to be registered in Squadi to participate in games during 2024. Team draws for these age groups will also be through Squadi.

  1. Download the Squadi App from the App Store or Goole Play
  2. Create a parent/guardian profile (if registering players under 18) or Login if you already have an account.
  3. Create a profile for each player to be registered. You will need a profile photo (like a passport photo, only showing your face with no other people)
  4. While in the parent profile, select ‘More’, then ‘Register Profile’ for the player to be registered. Note only one player can be registered at a time. Repeat the process from here to register more players.
  5. Confirm details are correct then select ‘next’.
  6. Type ‘Logan Lightning FC’ in ‘Organisation Name’ to show registration options. If registration options are not showing please reinstall/ update the app and this should fix the issue.
  7. Select the correct package (only select an Academy option if you have received an offer).
  8. Tick ‘Outdoor Player’ & age group or other Membership Option if applicable.
  9. Confirm Personal information and proceed to the next page.
  10. Confirm details and package selected, review and accept terms and conditions.
  11. Make payment of affiliation fees (note this is only the Football Australia & Football Queensland affiliation fee, the club registration fee will be paid through the club website).
  12. Squadi Registration is not complete until payment is processed through Squadi, and you receive a confirmation email.
  13. Repeat the process from Step 4 to register more players.

If you require assistance with Squadi registration, please contact

STAGE 2: Sign on to play at LLFC (Club Level Registration)

All Players (including Squirts) are required to Sign On with LLFC using the "Register Now" button on this page.

  1. Select ‘Register Now’
  2. Complete the ‘Primary Contact’ details (must be over 18) [correspondence from the club will be sent to this person]. Note if you will be a coach, manager or other club volunteer you need to have a Blue Card (working with Children) or Positive Exemption. This can be added later if you need to register for one.
  3. Add an ‘Emergency Contact’
  4. Select ‘Register a Player’ and add the player details. If you want the club to know something specific (ie medical considerations, preference to play with a friend (please include their name) etc.
  5. Add as many players as needed.
  6. Review the registration details, review and accept the terms and conditions and select payment method (Fair Play vouchers can also be added). A minimum deposit is required for all registrations.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email when registration is complete.

Other Sign on Information

·        Payment Plans must be fully paid out by the Finance Committee's nominated Dates.

·        Payment Plans are flexible and able to be structured to suit your needs. 

·        Fees and Conditions apply to all Payment Plans.

·        The LLFC Finance Committee retains the right to refuse or reject any Payment Plan Application and will advise applicants in writing of any such decision.

·        Members who intend to use a FairPlay Voucher (please indicate this where noted in the Sign On process) you can process your credit on your account page when you register- FairPlay will need to be uploaded into Squadi

·        The LLFC Registrar is responsible for processing and approving Sign On

·        The Treasurer and Secretary are responsible for payment plans.

·        The LLFC Management Committee retains the right to refuse or reject any application for Membership and will advise applicants in writing of any such decision.

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