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Last updated 3 Jun 2024
Chris Green - Field 1Open
Chris Green - Field 2Open
Chris Green - Field 3Open
Chris Green - Field 4Open
Chris Green - Field 5Open
Chris Green - Field 6Open
Cornubia - Field 1Open
Cornubia - Field 2Open
Cornubia - Field 3Open
Cornubia - Field 4Open
Cornubia - Field 5Open
Cornubia - Field 6Open



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Event Dates

StartMonday 24 October 2022

FinishSaturday 30 September 2023

Registration Dates

OpenMonday 24 October 2022

CloseSaturday 30 September 2023

Terms and conditions
Logan Lightning FC would like to thank IMAGE SELECT for their sponsorship.
Image Select Management and staff have a great track record in helping companies or establishments alike achieve greater value for all service related works. Our experienced team allows us to provide our clients with a one-stop solution to all installation, application and maintenance requirements.

- Sign Installation
- Composite Cladding
- Painting
- Electrical
- Maintenance
- Project Management
Phone 0438 158 999

Terms and conditions

  • Coaches & Officials Code of Conduct
    . Place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else.
    . Accept responsibility for all actions taken.
    . Be impartial and avoid any situation that may lead to a conflict of interest.
    . Be courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction.
    . Value the individual in sport.
    . Seek continual self-improvement through study, performance appraisal and regular updating of competencies.
    . Encourage inclusively and access to all areas of officiating.
    . Be a positive role model in behaviour and personal appearance.
    . Do not harass players.
    . Show concern and caution towards sick and injured players.
    . Remember the primary objective is for you and the players to have fun and participate.
    . All players should receive equivalent game time over the season.
    . Coaches / Managers must not enter the field of play without consent of the referee.
    . Coaches / Managers must not speak to or approach a player from an opposition team (including in-house games).
    . The inappropriate use of social media (Facebook, twitter, forums, etc.) relating to the club, its members and other clubs / players will not be tolerated.