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LLFC Twilight Academy Carnival

LLFC Twilight Academy Carnival

Registration is now closed

Event Date

Saturday 9 September 2023

Registration Dates

OpenMonday 15 May 2023

CloseSunday 3 September 2023

FeesTerms and conditions

Join us for a fun, competitive evening of Academy football at Chris Green Park. Please refer to the below Important Information and Carnival Rules.

Important Information
1) Coach / Managers Meeting - A coaches and managers briefing meeting will be held inside the clubhouse at 2:00pm.
2) First Aid - We will have a first aid officer at the venue during the carnival if you need immediate attention on the field please get the attention of the ground officials who will then contact first aid to come to the field.
3) Spectator Areas – Spectator areas will be marked on the field layout map and are not permitted in other areas.
4) Marquees/ Gazebos /Tents – As the event is held in the late afternoon/ evening no marquees, gazebos or tents are permitted at the event.
5) Jerseys - In the event there is a clash between playing strips, the home team on the draw is to wear an alternate playing strip or coloured bibs. Bibs are available from the control desk and it is the responsibility of the home team to make arrangements well in advance of kick-off.
6) Canteen & Bar - Our canteen will open from 2pm and will be serving a variety of hot and cold food to satisfy your appetite. A Coffee Machine is located at the Canteen. The bar will operate from 3pm until close.
7) Alcohol - Logan Lightning is a licenced venue, and no BYO alcohol is permitted. All alcohol must stay within the Clubhouse or on the deck. Any team found with alcohol outside the clubhouse or deck will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
8) Toilets - Toilets are located in the clubhouse.
9) No Dogs - Chris Green Park is designated as a NO Dog Park so please ensure that no dogs are brought to the event. (Guide dogs exempted)
10) BBQ's - No personal or team BBQ's are permitted at the venue.

Carnival Rules
1) Code of Conduct - Managers, coaches, parents and spectators are asked to set a good example for the players by accepting decisions gracefully and acting in a sporting manner. All participants must adhere to the Football Queensland Code of Conduct. Logan Lightning FC Management Committee reserve the right to impose disciplinary sanctions, including disqualifying teams from the event, resulting from any breaches of the Code of Conduct.
2) Ground Officials - The decision of ground officials must be followed at all times. Ground officials act with the full authority of the Logan Lightning FC Management Committee.
3) Eligible Players - All players, coaches & mangers MUST be registered in Play Football and any team found in breach of this rule will be disqualified.
4) Swapping Players - Players can only play for one team at the carnival. Any team/s found swapping players will be disqualified from the carnival.
5) Squad Sizes:
a. U9 – Maximum 11 players, 7 players on field
b. U10 – Maximum 13 players, 9 players on field
c. U11 – Maximum 13 players, 9 players on field
d. U12 – Maximum 13 players, 9 players on field
6) Female players – Female players are allowed to play down one age group in a boys/mixed competition with approval from carnival organizer and/or relevant association.
7) Referees – Referees will be provided for all games and no team officials will be required to referee games. Our referees are still learning to referee and sometimes make mistakes - this is part of the game. We expect ALL participants to accept the referee’s decision.
8) FFA Rules - The carnival is governed in accordance with the standard FFA Mini-Roos rules.
9) Carnival Scoring - Matches will be played on a premiership basis, with three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero points for a loss. Matches will consist of two 12-minute halves.
10) Game Time - There will be two minutes for half time. Players are not to be taken from the field of play during the break. Please put players directly in their new positions and be ready to go before siren.
11) Centralised Timing - All matches will start and finish on the sounding of a central siren. A siren will also sound for half time and for the commencement of the second half. Teams are to immediately change ends. All games will recommence under the instruction of the referee and no additional time will be allocated. Substitutions are unlimited and can be made at any time but within the spirit of the game and substituted player must leave the field before new player enters field of play.
12) Teams Not Ready - Any team not on the field ready to play within one minute of the start siren will automatically forfeit and the opposition will be awarded a win with a (3–0) goal score (or the half-time score if a larger goal-difference). Should both teams fail to be ready at the start of play, both teams will lose the match and no points or goals will be awarded.
13) No Injury Time - No additional injury time will be added to the 12-minute halves. Injured players shall be removed from the field, where possible so as to not cause further injury and allow play to restart.
14) Byes - In the event a team is scheduled to play a bye (due to the withdrawal of a team) or for the purposes of the round robin draw, the team playing the bye will be awarded a win with a (3- 0) goal score.
15) Carnival Format Premiership - The carnival will be run on a round robin format with each team playing four games. At the end of the round robin matches, semi-finals and or grand final matches will be played as indicated in the draw for each age group. Age groups with only 1 pool will skip semi-finals and progress directly to grand finals.
16) Progression to the Finals - Teams playing in the finals matches are as marked in the draw for each respective age group. If teams are tied at the completion of the pool matches, progression will be decided in the following order:
a. The team with highest positive goal difference (goals for, minus goals against);
b. If the teams still remain the same – the team with the highest number of goals for;
c. If they still remain the same – the team with the fewest losses; or
d. If they still remain the same – the result between the two tied teams
e. If they still remain the same – the result will be decided by the toss of a coin
17) Semi-Final Matches – Matches will consist of two 12 minute halves with the time being governed as per the pool matches. If the teams are tied at the end of regulation time; the team that scores first in the semi-final will progress to the final. If no goals are scored, then the team with the highest number of points from the group stage will progress. If teams have the same points using the progression from rule 17 will apply.
18) Finals Matches - The winners of each semi-final will progress to the grand final. The match will consist of two 12 minute halves. In the event of a tied score at the end of the grand final teams will change ends and play five (5) minutes extra time each way (golden goal rule applies). If the teams are tied at the end of extra time; the team that scores first will be awarded the win. If no goals are scored, then the game will be awarded to the highest ranked team using the progression from rule 17.
19) All Star Team - Throughout the round robin matches each coach/manager will allocate 3 points to an opposition player and 1 point to a player from your team, who has played in the best spirit of the game and demonstrated a real passion for football. These points are to be given to the referee at the completion of each round robin game. You are required to give full name of players to the referee at the completion of the game. This needs to be done quickly to keep games running on time.


    • 150 Per Under 8 - Under 9 Team
    • 200 Per Under 10 - Under 12 Team

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardBPay, Cash, Eftpos

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Terms and conditions

  • I certify that the information provided is correct and that all players -

    1. Are Registered with FA;
    2. Are the appropriate age for this carnival;