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Last updated 25 Jul 2022
Chris Green - Field 1Open
Chris Green - Field 2Open
Chris Green - Field 3Open
Chris Green - Field 4Open
Chris Green - Field 5Open
Chris Green - Field 6Open
Cornubia - Field 1Open
Cornubia - Field 2Open
Cornubia - Field 3Open
Cornubia - Field 4Open
Cornubia - Field 5Open
Cornubia - Field 6Open

Club Carnival 2022

Club Carnival 2022

Registration closes in 21 days

Event Dates

StartFriday 22 July 2022

FinishSaturday 3 September 2022

Registration Dates

OpenFriday 22 July 2022

CloseSaturday 3 September 2022

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    • 75 Per Under 7 Team
    • 150 Per Under 8 - Under 9 Team
    • 180 Per Under 10 - Under 12 Team

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardBPay

Logan Lightning FC would like to thank Gardel Electricial & Solar for their sponsorship.
Gardel Electricial & Solar
Gardel Electrical is a locally owned and operated Solar & Electrical contracting business established in January 2011. We operate with a commitment and vision to provide you with high-performing, reliable services every single day. Our goal is to improve your property's energy efficiency to reduce your energy bills and work toward making Australia more renewable.

We are recognised as an industry leader in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of electrical, renewable and sustainable systems. Our team at Gardel Electrical take a proactive and innovative response to meet our customers' needs. We continue to practice dynamic leadership and invest in our employees to be the industry's best.
Phone (13) 0042 7335

Terms and conditions

  • I certify that the information provided is correct and that all players -

    1. Are Registered with FFA;
    2. Are the appropriate age for this carnival;